Train your teams against Cyber Attack Threats

Train your teams against Cyber Attack Threats



Bet on human resources
Equipment alone is not enough! Combining appliances and human skills to improve the security of your infrastructure.




Improve your skill level
Attack or defend an infrastructure with progressive exercises, in a realistic environment.




Observe the reactions of your teams
Check the teams' abilities to work together, discuss and make decisions that affect the entire cyber defense chain.




Prevention exercises
Think about the impacts of a major attack on your operations and your business. Be prepared to counter maximum risks.




React against real threats
Launch the greatest variety of realistic cyber-attacks and set up massive performance tests without suffering any adverse effects.




Learn the limits of your infrastructure
Test the resistance of your infrastructure by pushing it to its maximum risks.



Customize your Cyber Range


Largest Technology Catalog

Network Traffic Generator Transparent and Explicit Proxy Anti-DDoS System
Application Traffic Generator Anti-Adwares Anti-Botnet System
Penetration Testing Platform Anti-Virus Lawful Intercept System
Incident Response and Malware Analysis Anti-Malwares Data Retention System
TAP and Aggregator Anti-Spywares Full Packet Capture System
Network Packet Brocker URL Filter Network Monitoring Platform
Switch SMTP Relay SIEM
Router Anti-Spam Desktop End Point Security
Next Generation Firewall WAN Accelerator Mobile End Point Security
IPSec VPN Gateway Anti-Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) ICS / SCADA Security Solution
SSN VPN Gateway NetWork Data Loss Prevention Desktop / Laptop / Mobile / Tablets
Web Application Firewall (WAF) QoS DPI IoT Devices
IDS/IPS Application DPI ICS / SCADA DEvices
Cache Load Balancer Civilian and Military Drone


Cyber ​​Test Systems is able to configure and integrate the widest variety of equipment and components into a Cyber ​​Range. Combined with the largest variety of attack vectors generated, technologies are selected based on your needs to protect the infrastructure against a host of malicious scenarios. While competitors will say they have the most important test and scenario database, Cyber ​​Test Systems offers the widest variety of technologies and scenarios to push the exercise to the limit.   


How to push your training with us? 



CTS-whiteteam-emitec-datacom CTS-blueteam-emitec-datacom  CTS-redteam-emitec-datacom  CTS-greenteam-emitec-datacom   CTS-yellowteam-emitec-datacom  CTS-purpleteam-emitec-datacom
The Administration Team can supervise the entire network, devices and portals. Administrators are in charge of the global running of the session. The White Team are the instructor and creates the Cyber Attack Scenarios The Blue Team generates the IT, NoC, SoC, CIRT, Forensic users The Red Team generates malicious users sending cyber attacks The Green Team generates legitimate users and servers The Yellow Team generates innocent users installing malicious content without knowing Deals with Legal and Media, handle by partners


Each role benefits from specific exercise, equipment and dedicated tools to improve the technical skills of all levels participants.


Tools used per Team Administration White Team Blue Team Red Team Green Team Yellow Team Purple Team
Cyber Range Appliances     X X X   X
Cyber Range Portal CTS-CRP   X X X X X X


Who use Cyber Test Systems Cyber Range?



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